Some of the most important things to contemplate when weighing the benefits of ductless systems over central air conditioners include:

  • Flexibility– With ductless, indoor air handlers can be installed in a variety of places. You can also have them installed so that heated and cooled air is limited to specific parts of the home, which creates superior comfort and results in lower energy bills.
  • Heating and Cooling– Central air conditioners can only be used to cool a home. They must be paired with furnaces or heat pumps for year-round indoor comfort. In areas where temperatures rarely or never dip below about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, ductless systems can heat homes as well as cool them. They have reversible heat pumps that move warm air in either direction.
  • Zoned Comfort– With central air conditioning, setting the temperature on the thermostat adjusts the temperature for the entire home. By opting for a multi-split ductless system, you can set different temperatures in different rooms. If you don’t plan to use a room on a given day, you can stop having heated or cooled air directed there. This results in significant energy savings.
  • Less Energy Loss– One of the biggest drawbacks of a standard central air conditioning system is the fact that cooled air has to travel through ducts to get where it needs to go. Along the way, a lot of it seeps out and is lost in unconditioned parts of the home. This can result in energy losses of up to 30 percent. Your ductwork is left out of the equation with a ductless system, so the issue of leaks is eliminated entirely.
  • Simple Installation– As long as it’s performed by an authorized and experienced contractor, ductless air conditioning installation is a snap. Most of the legwork has to be done prior to installation. For example, technicians must determine the appropriate places to mount indoor air handlers and perform load calculations to ensure that the equipment that’s used has the right capacity.
  • Design– One thing about ductless systems that sometimes gives people pause is the fact that it’s necessary to have indoor units installed to deliver cooled and heated air to specific rooms. In other words, equipment isn’t just tucked away down in the basement. However, high-quality ductless systems have compact, low-profile indoor units that do little to detract from interior decor.
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